And We All Like Figgy Pud…… er, Bread?

So, this morning I woke up stupidly early (4.08am to be precise) and could hear the rain outside and thought – ok todays going to be a house day.  And a house day means only one thing to me – baking, reading about baking, researching recipes and eating!

I’ve accumulated a few things in my kitchen cupboards lately that if I didn’t use soon, would end just being thrown away – and I HATE wasting food.  After a rummage around, the items which needed using were dried figs, raisins and mixed peel.  I could’ve just thrown all 3 things into a mega fruit cake but decided to be a bit more adventurous.  I also had it in my head that I was going to make some scones but hadn’t decided whether sweet or savoury.

After having a quick scoot online in in my recipe books, I decided I fancied making some bread with figs.  Another look in the cupboard showed I had no yeast but that’s not a problem, I knew there’d be a soda type bread recipe out there that I could use.

Sure enough, I came across a recipe for Pain aux Figues (yeast free version) from TV and Cookies website which is a take on soda bread with addition of figs.  The only slight change I made to the recipe was to use more wholemeal flour than white bread flour as I only a small amount of white left.

A very simple to follow recipe and a lovely smell coming from the oven as it baked!  Once cooled and you cut into it, it is slightly moist inside from the figs but I think this is better than bread that is too dry.  I can’t wait to have a try with some nice cheese and meats although I’m sure it will be equally as nice with a good spread of butter!

figgy bread1



figgy bread2Next to be used were the raisins and mixed peel.  I was at my mam’s house the other day and she had kept some recipe books for me that had belonged to my late dad and grandma.  These well thumbed books are just the best and I can remember sampling countless beautiful bakes from the recipes in these books.

Purely for nostalgic purposes, I decided to make one of my grandma’s favourites – Cut-and-Come-Again Cake from the ‘Whitworths Spice of Life Cookery Book’.


The cake is a mix of dried fruits and mixed spice and I can remember being with my grandma and eating it spread thick with butter alongside a cup of tea.

The butter is rubbed into the flour and fruit mix a bit like when making a pastry and then the fluids are added to it.  Its a really quick and easy cake to make and can be left in the oven with no need to check until its time to take out.  The smell is just amazing and cutting into it whilst still warm transported me back to sitting in my grandmas house again…..

cut cake

cut cake 1

I love scones – fruit scones and cheese scones. Cold scones and warm scones.  As I’d made a couple of things already with fruit in, I thought a savoury option would be good.  Out came the trusty Bero book as you can’t beat it.

I made a little substitution to the recipe  – it asks for mustard powder which I don’t have so instead I added a little Garlic and Parsley Rocksalt from Flavour Magic.   Just a little hint of garlic with the cheese is different but so nice.  As always, I couldn’t wait for them to cool, and had to try on straight from oven with butter on – delicious!

cheese scone butter


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