Easter Biscuit Ideas

Last weekend I decided to have a go at some Easter biscuits to see what I could create for selling at Easter time.  I decided to use a Mary Berry recipe (recipe is on the recipes page) and used a bunny and egg cutter I had bought a while back in Hobbycraft.

The recipe was easy to follow and it contained my favourite spice – Cinnamon – so I knew if no-one else liked the biscuits – I would!  The dough came together lovely  and I cut out half as bunnies and half as eggs.  I had an idea of what the bunny would look like but no idea what I was going to put on the eggs.

When the biscuits were baked I made a big pot of royal icing in white first and knew I could add colours as I went along.  I was joined in the kitchen by my daughter, Lucy and she decorated a few of the egg biscuits.  It has been a while since I have done any icing floodwork so I was very happy with how the bunnies came out and how steady I was able to keep my hand!


The egg biscuit decoration wasn’t as successful – by adding some colour, the icing became a little too runny and bled off the sides of the egg.  I persevered but I wasn’t as happy with the eggs as I was with the bunnies.


The bunnies were lovely!  The icing solidified lovely and had a great sheen on it.  The biscuits tasted amazing.  I perhaps could’ve left them in the oven a tiny bit longer – as Mary would say – “a biscuit should snap!”


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