Bakes over the last few weeks

I’ve neglected my website a bit over the last few weeks as I’ve been so busy.  But it’s been a good busy and it’s meant plenty of time in the kitchen.

Here’s a little rundown of what I’ve made lately:

I’ve had a steady trickle of orders for Cupcake Bouquets and Cupcakes in a Jar for Mothers Day which has been great!

I haven’t baked a brownie for what seems like an eternity so I decided to bake a double chocolate brownie.  Rather than just leave it plain, I added some marshmallow and chocolate flake. I was very happy with the outcome – moist and sticky inside and with a slight crunchy top and then the stickiness of the marshmallow and chocolate!  Perfect!


I had been asked by my friend Lorraine to make some cupcakes for her mam’s 60th birthday. She wanted red velvet with a red 60 topper.  I decided to make half with the number 60 in fondant and the other half with a red star and the number 60 imprinted in the fondant.  I used the recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery and it created lovely deep red cupcakes.  I was really pleased with the fondant toppers (I use Renshaw ready roll icing).  I hope Lorraine’s mam enjoyed her birthday and the cakes!

IMG_1818 IMG_1819

There was some mixture left over from the red velvet cupcakes so I thought, lets make a little cake.  I have some mini cake tins so filled two of those.  I sandwiched them together with vanilla buttercream and then topped with a cream cheese frosting.  It was quite sweet but as it was a mini cake it was such a nice size!

IMG_1808 IMG_1813

I love making chocolate spoons!  I bought some lovely little toppers for the bags the chocolate spoons go into and couldn’t wait to try them out.  I made spoons with white chocolate and milk chocolate and some just milk chocolate and all topped off with mini marshmallows.  They are super easy to make and so cute..


Well I think that’s me caught up….. for now!!!





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