Moose Maple Butter – My New Love

I heard recently about a new product that was launching over the course of this year in the UK called Moose Maple Butter.  As an avid fan of maple syrup, the thought of that combined with butter made me need to know where I could get my hands on some!  I contacted the lovely Farrah at Moose Maple Butter and asked whether there were any stockists in the North East or if I could buy it online.  She emailed straight back to say that it was rolling out in certain areas but not available just yet online.  She did however, offer to send me out sample to try.

Photo 12-02-2015 13 32 05

The butter turned up a few days later in a thermocool package and I couldn’t resist opening it straight away and sticking my finger in!  Wow!  It was heaven in a pot.  All sorts of baking ideas were whizzing through my head as to what I could bake with it.

The next morning, although I very rarely eat toast, I had to have some maple butter on toast.  It melted amazingly on the toast and I’ve never wanted to sit and chomp my way through a loaf of bread like I could’ve there and then!

Again, I was thinking what I could cook with it, but as each day passed, the contents of the tub diminished somewhat.  It got to the weekend and I was having a baking session.  I decided to make some wholemeal bread (much better than the white I had been eating)!  The bread turned out lovely and when it was still warm – yep, you guessed it – a slice was smothered in the butter. I I honestly can’t explain how beautiful it is.


Pancake Day was approaching and I thought about adding some of the butter to the pancake mix.  I was worried that the taste might not come through enough, so instead of traditional pancakes, I made Paul Hollywoods oatmeal dropped scones/pancakes.

I love to eat these with bacon and maple syrup.  This time it was a double whammy!  Bacon, maple syrup and maple butter melted into the pancakes. Bliss on a plate!


The butter is all gone now and I feel like a child that’s lost their favourite toy.  I’ve washed and kept the little pot as a reminder to myself to keep on checking the website to see when it’s available online as you just know my order will be there!


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