Painting the Kitchen Weekend

This weekend just gone, there was no baking in Suzie’s kitchen.  The task for the weekend was to spruce up the look of the kitchen with a nice new paint colour.  The majority of my house is monochrome – its a colour scheme that works well and I love black!

The kitchen was, yes you’ve guessed it, also black and white.  Two walls black and two white.  (The photos were taken just as I was about to start painting – its not normally that messy)!

Photo 07-02-2015 08 16 34 Photo 07-02-2015 08 16 44 Photo 07-02-2015 08 16 48

I decided that I fancied one colour on all the walls and as my splashbacks are tiles in black, white and grey; I thought grey would be the best colour to go for.  I bought a couple of tester pots and splodged some colours on the wall behind a canvas picture that hangs there.  I didn’t particularly like the colours – one was too dark, the other too light.  Off the hubby went to B&Q to try and find some greys “in between”!

He came back with two more tester pots and some colour cards.  The testers were added to the wall and I decided on the darker of the two (the other had a brown tinge).  It was Warm Pewter by Dulux.  This was the colour!

Early Saturday morning, I got up and got everything ready to start.  Dust sheets laid across the benches, paintbrushes (I never use rollers) and the paint.  I started off by painting the ceilings and coving white as they were desperate  to be painted and then the skirting boards.  The hubby took the two kitchen doors off and put them in the garden.  It was lovely be able to stand in the little bit of sun that day and paint the doors and for them to dry quicker outside.

Once the doors were done, I started with the grey paint.  It went on some of the walls brilliantly, but nothing is straight forward in our house, so some of the walls would need a second coat as it had gone a little bit streaky.  The doors had not fully dried by the time it was getting dark, so we propped them up in the conservatory to dry over night.

The next day, I gave some areas a second coat due to streakiness and the doors were re-hung.  The curtain pole and curtains were put back up and my unit which houses all my baking equipment etc (which had previously lived in the conservatory) was moved into its new place next to the fridge freezer.

I was a bit dubious about having grey walls but now that it is all finished, I really like it.  Mission accomplished!!  (It’ll do until I either move house or get a jazzy new kitchen installed – whichever comes first)!!

Photo 12-02-2015 11 12 04 Photo 12-02-2015 11 12 18 Photo 12-02-2015 11 18 03


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