Sugar and Spice Meringues

As previously mentioned, I have been provided with flavoured icing sugars from Sugar and Crumbs.  The second icing sugar flavour I used was Sugar and Spice.

I decided to make large meringues, with chocolate and butter cream.  Again I used the Philippa Sibley recipe (see my first blog for the recipe:

It mentions in the meringue recipe to sift the icing sugar.  I must admit I forgot to sift the icing sugar, but I later found that as the icing sugar is already so fine, it didn’t make a difference and I still got a great result.

The meringues whipped up in no time and baked very well.  When the meringues had fully cooled, I dipped the ends in milk chocolate and then sandwiched them together with vanilla butter cream.  The Sugar and Spice icing sugar has a slight cinnamon taste which, as a huge cinnamon lover, is fantastic and it balances well with the sweetness.

The feedback from friends and family was great – the meringues had the right amount of crispness and chewiness. The flavour itself was not a hit with everyone – some loved it, but others thought it tasted a bit “bizarre”.  I, myself, would definitely use it again though.


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