Macaron Madness

Last weeks challenge was macarons.  I’ve made macarons before, however the ground almonds weren’t fine enough so they weren’t the best.  I have recently purchased a food processor and thought that by grinding the almonds even finer, it would ensure perfect macarons.  How wrong I was!!

I used a recipe from all recipes and followed it to the letter.  I had to make 3 types of macarons – pistachio, tutti fruitti and lemon.  I had bought some new flavourings from ebay and used these – they gave the macarons a lovely flavour.  I added pistachio nut sprinkles to the top of those ones.

The lemon and tutti fruitti macarons turned out better than the pistachio ones – but I still have a problem with them not rising very well and cracking on the tops.

Photo 15-11-2014 17 30 55

I bought a book called “Mad about Macarons” written by Jill Colonna, so I have been swotting up on them and I have booked myself into a Macaron class in January so hopefully I can find out where I’m going wrong! Fingers crossed!


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