This weeks challenge was a GBBO special – Schichttorte! When I was given the challenge I thought oh dear, this is going to be a hard one. It turned out to be surprisingly easier than I thought and it was strange baking a cake via the grill rather than the oven.

Firstly I had to separate 20 egg yolks from the whites and whisk the yolks until pale and creamy.

In a different bowl I mixed together the butter and sugar and added in the lemon zest, vanilla paste, the whisked eggs and the flour.

I then had to whisk the egg whites in a separate bowl until they formed soft peaks. The egg whites were then folded into the batter.

I greased a 20cm tin with oil and spooned some of the batter into the case to cover the bottom of the tin and then placed under the grill for 2 minutes. The batter went a golden brown colour.

When cooked, I spooned some more batter on top and put under the grill for 3-4 minutes until it had gone a darker brown colour. I repeated this until all the batter was used up.

Photo 01-11-2014 10 57 27

I left the cake to cool whilst I prepared the chocolate glaze.
I melted the butter, syrup, rum and vanilla in a pan and brought to the boil. Once cooled slightly I mixed in the chocolate until it was all melted. I then left to cool abit more and then poured over the cake and ensured all the top and sides were covered.

Whilst this was setting, I made the vanilla glaze which was icing sugar, milk, vanilla paste and rum mixed together. I put the glaze into a piping bag and piped backwards and forwards across the cake.

Photo 01-11-2014 17 17 54

I popped the cake into the fridge to set and then cut into it to check that it was showing the layers in the sponge.

Photo 01-11-2014 17 20 09

Luckily it worked really well and I was very pleased my first effort turned out so well!


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