Sweet Potato and Pecan Loaf

I bought a copy of the Australian Womens Weekly recipe book from the book man at work as it had some lovely cake recipes in it.

I’m having a thing for sweet potatoes at the moment so I decided to try baking the Sweet Potato and Pecan Loaf (I’ll add the recipe to the recipe pages).

It was very much a case of just throw the ingredients in a bowl and mix. Nice and easy. The cake mixture goes into a loaf tin and cooks at a low temperature for about 1hr 40mins. After the required amount of time, I thought it still seemed a little soggy inside so I left it in an extra 15 minutes or so.

Even then, when cut into it was so moist – it was delicious.

Photo 14-10-2014 23 19 49

It was lovely as is, or if I was feeling extra naughty – I’d have it with a scraping of butter on it. I gave some of the loaf to my sister who loved it, and also took slices in for the girls at work who both enjoyed it also.

Definately one to bake again!



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